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Bar Code Integrators, Inc is Chicago's premier provider of wireless site surveys, the first step before installing a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness possible. These WLANs are integral parts of every business, hospital, school campus, government institutions, warehouse, manufacturing plants, and many other facilities. We depend on these WiFi networks to function quickly and securely every day. The modern world is fast-paced and competitive. That is why it's absolutely critical to have a wireless network that you can completely depend upon. Read more: How Will Faster Internet Help My Business?

What is a Wireless Site Survey?

A wireless site survey is the process of planning and designing a wireless network that's able to provide fast and safe RF WiFi coverage to every area of your building -- no matter how large or how complex your space may be. All too often, companies will buy one wireless access point or router and assume that it will provide enough coverage for the entire building. As you might guess, anyone unlucky enough to be sitting further away from this access point isn't going to be able to do their jobs as efficient as others. And with so many people accessing the same, un-optimized WiFi network, it will be slow even for the workstations in closest proximity. That means lost time and money for your business.

A wireless, or RF, site survey, will help rank data rates, network capacity, roaming capabilities, and a multitude of other important details. Our network engineers come to your location and map out a plan of action. You'll be updated on every detail as our technicians compute the very best locations to place access points- reducing dead zones, service shadows, and overall downtime.

Wireless Surveys in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana

BCI is based just north of Chicago, and we'll gladly travel anywhere in the United States to do a site survey. However, due to our location sites, installations in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana are the most cost effective. Is your business in Milwaukee? No problem. We keep our travel charges at-cost so you won't feel any extra pressure on your wallet, either. Distance is no excuse not to schedule a wireless site survey right away. And don't worry- our network engineers can get to your location fast.

Richmond Wireless Site Surveys

Looking for a wireless site survey in Richmond, Virginia? BCI has a secondary office location located right in Richmond, allowing us to provide RF surveys throughout a wide area in VA as well. If your business is located in or around Richmond, we're happy to come to you immediately. Schedule an audit today and we can get your wifi installation underway.

Nationwide RF Network Installation

Not in the midwest? Don't worry. As long as you're in the United States of America, we can come to you. Our technicians are the best of the best, and if your business demands high-quality wireless, you shouldn't be forced to settle for a smaller local business that doesn't know what it's doing. That might save you money in the short term, but after you go through the trouble of fixing it again and again, maintenance calls, and a less than satisfactory set-up in the first place, you'll wonder why you didn't just call BCI.

The Best Wifi Network Coverage

Our highly trained and experienced staff of wireless engineers can conduct your wireless site survey with the highest professional quality. No matter the layout or other demands of your facility- including spaces such as distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and scientific laboratories- BCI has been providing comprehensive solutions for every kind and size of business for over twenty years, and we can become your loyal partner as well. We're standing by to expand your coverage, so email or call us today at (847) 615-2933.

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