Wireless Audits for Educational Facilities

Education Facilities across the country such as Universities, Colleges, High-Schools, and many others are making the shift from hard-wired networks to wireless networks. The truth is, wireless networks are becoming more and more affordable and many states are even offering incentives and grants to educational institutions looking to upgrade legacy networks.

Depending on the choice of technology and the size of the educational facility, implementation and management of the new technology may pose challenges for IT Administrators. In many causes the existing wireless network begins to under perform as the traffic volumes continue to increase. Conducting an audit of the existing wireless network can help determine causes and solutions for any network functionality concerns. For areas expanding into wireless coverage conducting a wireless site survey will ensure performance requirements are met. At Bar Code Integrators, Inc. we understand the necessity of running a fully capable and manageable wireless network. We will send an experienced engineer to your educational facility or campus to conduct a thorough wireless site survey and provide you with a comprehensive report showing valuable feedback including possible solutions to network issues. 

Setting Up Wireless Networks for Education Facilities

Everything from the population of the school, to the needs and privacy of the users will impact the network. BCI encourages education facilities to perform regular wireless network audits. By conducting an audit or wireless site survey on a regular basis, the facility can save money and learn how to better manage wireless networks; saving Network Administrators valuable time. There are several key factors to consider when planning a new network or assessing the current network for an Educational Facility.

Coverage Area

 The Size and population of the facility can drastically affect the connection speed and network availability. Not only is it vital to understand the size of your facility, but having an understanding of the number of devices that your network will host is also crucial to the performance of the Network. An audit by an experienced engineer can help identify the cause to any problematic network issues that a your facility may be experiencing. An engineer can ensure that your network access points and routers are placed and configured efficiently to deliver the best possible connection. 

Selecting Equipment and Ensuring Adequate Access

Once you have analyzed the size of your network, you can begin to plan or assess the hardware and software that best suits the facility's specific needs. There are many factors that can impact the networks in various educational facilities, for instance, many users will be utilizing many different devices.

Allowing users to access the network on personal devices can cause security risks and connectivity issues but is extremely common in the educational environment. More are more students, teachers, professors, and administrators are expecting to be able to connect their personal laptops and smart devices to the wireless network where ever they are on their educational campus. Therefor more and more educational institutions are investing more resources towards strengthening wireless coverage and security. An experienced BCI engineer can help ensure your campus has the best wireless network possible.

Monitoring Your Network

When you have configured your facility’s network, it is important to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have the coverage in the areas you expected?
  • Is the performance what you need?
  • Can I easily manage the hardware and assist users with their needs?

If you are unsatisfied with your network or have questions about how to improve your wireless network, a qualified and experienced engineer at BCI can help optimize your education facility’s network. A wireless audit can save you time and money, while improving overall user experience. For your convenience, BCI has offices in the midwest servicing Chicago, Milwaukee, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana; in the east, servicing Richmond, VA as well as Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia; and contracts with service providers around the country, allowing us to provide fast service to you anywhere across the entire USA. Contact BCI today to schedule your wireless audit now: (847) 615-2933


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