Wireless Auditing:

Testing WLAN Performance

If your company's Wireless Local Area Network is plaguing you with problems and slowing down your daily productivity, you're in need of a wireless audit. An audit is essentially a wireless site survey that assesses the current condition of the wireless network, and the report generated from this can be used to determine the causes and solutions of the issues slowing down your wireless network.

Is your WLAN displaying any of the following symptoms?

  • Inability to connect
  • Slow connections
  • Dropped connections
  • Misconfiguration
  • Hardware glitches
  • Interference
  • Slow or dead areas
  • Other network-related issues

If so, the best thing to do is have Bar Code Integrators, Inc send a professional wireless engineer to your workspace and diagnose the cause of these problems immediately. If you have moderate problems now and aren't sure if you need an audit, consider that wireless network issuesdo not suddenly repair themselves if you wait long enough - rather, these problems will double back on themselves, getting worse over time while dragging your company's operational productivity down with them. Don't fall victim to settling for less and less coverage as your network deteriorates, because it will cost progressively more to repair the longer you delay.

WLAN Audit Solutions

BCI uses the most advanced tools to uncover any and every issue your network may be suffering from. We will verify if you have the correct location for, and correct number of, access points throughout your workspace. We also check over your software and hardware configurations, as well as antenna placement. Information regarding your building blueprint, area population, and other relevant documentation will be combined with our audit to develop a strategy for getting your network back to top performance- maybe even better than it was when it was originally installed. Often the problem lies within poor wireless hardware placement, multiple structures or areas of interference, poor network access range, or a non-cooperative facility layout.

Our strategy for success will detail how to fix these problems efficiently, and will provide direct channel allocations to minimize fading zones, interference, and other existing issues. Not only will this process prevent new problems from arising, but it will make your network more secure as well. Call BCI today at 847-615-2933, or email us using our contact form below, to immediately discuss how we can fix your WLAN problems.

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