Site Survey Analysis and Report

Bar Code Integrators, Inc will send an experienced engineer to your facility to conduct a site survey with the most sophisticated and reliable hardware and software available. Our engineer will accurately and efficiently survey the wireless properties of the building, and then determine what factors could disrupt RF data communication. This report will be used either in the installation of your new wireless network, or to repair your existing infrastructure.

When an existing wireless infrastructure is already in place the wireless site survey is often referred to as a wireless audit.  A wireless audit is also a survey however the goal is identifying why the current network is experiencing issues opposed to properly detailing how network should be implemented.

You may be wondering how exactly we get this detailed RF Analysis report:

BCI's RF Site Survey Report Plan


  • First, a BCI engineer reviews desired coverage areas and other WLAN issues or concerns with a client representative.
  • With the client representative, the BCI engineer tours the entire facility, and notes all significant factors that affect RF propagation and identifies potential locations for antennae.
  • Next, the BCI engineer performs an in-depth RF propagation study of all desired coverage areas.
  • Upon completion of the survey our engineer will address any issues or concerns uncovered during the survey and answer any final quations the client representative may have before leaving the facility.
  • Our engineer will then compile a comprehensive wireless site survey report and analysis which will be delivered to the client within 48 business hours unless otherwise stated to the client.
  • The BCI Account Manager will then contact the client shortly after the report is delivered to ensure satisfactory completion of services and discuss possible next steps.


RF Site Survey Report

The completed RF Site Survey Report is the final result of the BCI plan. This report will tell you everything you need to know about your space's wireless properties. It will also give you a number of suggestions for the optimal amounts and locations of wireless access points (APs). In addition, you'll also receive:

•    Suggestions for cabling runs.
•    Specifications for antenna placement and configuration.
•    Recommended hardware.
•    802.11a/b/g/n RF Network Design.
•    Additional AP details.
•    Our ultimate conclusions based on the survey.

If you'd like to see a sample RF Site Survey Report, let us know, and we can provide you with one for review and comparison. Of course, if you need service or you'd like to complete the wireless installation, doing so directly after the RF site survey is the best opportunity to do it accurately. Call BCI at 847-615-2933 or email us through our contact form below to schedule an RF Survey for your workplace today.

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