What Does a Wireless Site Survey Cost?

Pricing of Wireless Surveys

A BCI wireless survey is a great choice for your business, but you may be asking yourself- "What does a wireless site survey cost?" Prior to hiring BCI to conduct a wireless site survey, a BCI account manager will contact you to discuss your current needs and gather information regarding facility size and location. These details will help us accurately quote our service. After the necessary details have been acquired, a quote will promptly be provided. This will outline all costs, and describe exactly what will be delivered and can be expected of BCI and its wireless engineering team.

Standard Wireless Site Survey Price

A typical wireless site survey will include one day on-site to conduct the RF survey, and one day to prepare the report. However, this can vary depending on the size and location of the facility. Smaller facilities can have the survey and report completed in the same day depending on the engineer's schedule. Larger facilities may require up to two or more days on site to conduct the wireless survey in addition to time required to prepare the report. After the initial discussion with your account manager and engineering team, we will be able to provide an accurate quote on the cost and time requirements to survey your facility. Please contact us today to discuss our rates and receive a quote.

Travel costs will be transferred to the client at-cost. Currently, the US government mandates $0.56/mile as the reimbursement rate standard. Travel costs can be estimated by calculating the miles from BCI's office (1635 Northwind Blvd. Libertyville, IL 60048) to your facility and multiplying the number of miles of a round trip by 0.56. If your location is over 150 miles away, an overnight stay may be required. This will be determined by the account manager and engineer.

In the case that the wireless engineer is required to stay overnight, then expenses are also transferred to the client. Expenses will typically include airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, gas, and food (approximately $50/day) and may vary depending on location and service to be performed. A detailed expense report will be provided upon completion of the service. In the case where a rental car is used, the rate of $0.56/mile is not used for miles put on the rental car. Instead, the cost of the rental car and gas will be included in the expense report.

Expert Engineers- Waiting For You

If you're looking for the best value on a thorough and comprehensive wireless site survey for your business or facility, look no further than BCI's team of experienced networking engineers. We provide the most efficient service for the best price. Contact us today with the form below, or at (847) 615-2933.

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