Point to Point Wireless Networking

What is Point to Point Wireless Networking?

Point to Point Wireless Networking is the process of linking wifi networks, Ethernet bridges, data and voice networks, and other types of networks, over larger scales than you might think possible. You may already be aware that BCI can seamlessly connect your entire building to a fast and efficient wireless network. But with point to point wireless networking, we can connect one site to another at up to five miles apart with a direct line of site. The benefits of this type of network are what everyone likes to hear- speedier loading times, more connectivity, and best of all, it’s less expensive and complicated than having two (or more) totally separate wireless networks.

Business Networking Made Easy

Point to point wireless Ethernet bridges, such as a fixed wireless backhaul, are frequently used throughout various organizations for outdoor WLAN service as well. Initially used by large telecommunication companies, the use of Ethernet bridges has since been adapted by federal, state, and local governments, plus private, agricultural, and utility companies.

With point to point wireless Ethernet bridges, such as those made by technology company Cisco, data and voice networks from individual buildings or link networks can be joined together and unified. If your organization has another facility, you can easily connect to it through a wireless Ethernet bridge. This has become a preferred method for organizations, often times replacing the need for leased lines.

Benefits of a Wireless Point to Point Network Installation

  • Low cost installation at a one time cost. Point to point wireless bridges are a great return on investment for organizations. They are less expensive than installing fiber networks, double Ethernet throughput, and eliminate additional operational costs.
  • Increase of Bandwidth. Wireless Ethernet bridges can provide more throughput than other traditional devices.
  • Easy installation. Generally, the installation of a point to point wireless backhaul only takes a few days. Bar Code Integrators, Inc. has years of experience configuring point to point wireless networks, and can install your backhaul quickly and effectively.
  • Many connections. Point to point wireless networks allow organizations with multiple facilities to connect with one another while getting enough bandwidth to all locations.
  • Hassle Free. If you are connecting building B to site A, building B does not need an ISP, VPN, or an additional firewall.
  • It’s reliable. When installed correctly, we can guarantee your point to point wireless backhaul will be reliable whenever you need it.

Bar Code Integrators, Inc. can install point to point wireless networks efficiently between buildings up to five miles apart. Connect your organization’s different facilities inexpensively, and effectively. To see if a point to point wireless network in Chicago, Milwaukee, or the greater Illinois and Wisconsin areas will work for your organization, call us today at (847) 615-2933.

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