How Will Faster Internet Help My Business?

Any business can find myriad uses for the internet, and business owners need high-speed internet to keep operations at peak performance.

From sending and receiving emails, to file sharing, to ordering and research- high speed internet can help employees complete important tasks in less time. This is especially important for larger companies. The more employees using the internet, the more crowded the servers will get. A high-speed connection can easily remedy this problem, allowing more users to work without interruption.

Additionally, more and more business are utilizing methods of communication over the internet. Many businesses utilize different instant messaging services or video conferencing for employees to communicate with each other internally, or to connect with clients all over the world. No one wants to participate in a video conference where the picture is fuzzy, or is interrupted many times due to a slow internet connection. Not only is it annoying, but it makes you look unprofessional and could lose you clients who expect the best for their money. High-speed internet allows for better user experience, and clear communication.

Many businesses rely on internet marketing to promote their products and services. If you host your own website and use social media, having a high-speed internet connection is extremely important. It is counterproductive to engage your customers and clients with a website that will not load quickly.

Does My Business Need Wireless Internet?

Wireless internet will allow employees to connect an array of devices to the wifi network, including tablets, smartphones, and even the new office refrigerator. This way, employees are able to conduct business without having to be tied to their computers. In addition, even your desktop computers themselves will not need a wired connection. Now you can be free to set up your space in which ever way you find most productive without having to worry about internet cords.

Wireless Site Surveys

The wireless network you need for your business is much different than the one you have in your home. Installing a wireless local area network in their warehouse, manufacturing plant or office building requires a plan in order to best optimize your connection. Larger professional facilities are far more complex than the average home. In these types of environments, there are many hard-to-plan-for factors that may interfere with the strength of your WLAN, which can result in slow or even dead areas in your coverage. You need a trained and experienced wireless engineer to conduct a proper wireless site survey prior to the installation of access points, cables, and other hardware. This process can save you thousands of dollars and prevent costly delays.

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