Do I Need a Wireless Site Survey?

Many times, an individual will set up a wireless router in their own home and believe that installing a wireless local area network in their warehouse, manufacturing plant or office building will be no different. As convenient as this would be, this is not often as easy as it sounds. The fact is, larger professional facilities are far more complicated than your average home. In these more complex environments, there are many hard-to-plan-for factors that interfere with the strength of your WLAN, often resulting in slow and dead areas in your coverage. Having a trained and experienced wireless engineer conduct a proper wireless site survey prior to the installation of access points, cables, and other hardware, can save you thousands of dollars and prevent costly delays.

Essential RF Installation

A wireless (or RF) site survey is an essential step to take before installing a wireless network, and is vital to ensuring its operation. A wireless site survey is the process by which a surveyor studies the facility in order to determine the RF behavior and RF coverage areas, as well as to check for RF interference and decide the best placement of wireless devices such as access points and antennas.

Many issues can arise that can prevent the RF signal of a wireless network from reaching all parts of a facility. Narrowband, broadband, and intersymbol interference, as well as multipath distortion and physical objects can all impact a wireless network’s performance. In order to mitigate these issues, you need to find the places where they occur. A wireless site survey helps define the contours of RF coverage to ensure maximum efficiency. A survey that determines the RF coverage area in a facility also helps to choose the number of wireless devices that a business needs.

Additional Wireless Site Survey Benefits

  • Ensures Connectivity and Network Capacity
  • Reduces Downtime and Maximizes Worker Productivity
  • Minimizes the Total Cost of WLAN Deployment
  • Ensures Maximum Coverage to all Dependent Applications
  • Enhances and Ensures Network Security

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